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OK, you reached to yet another personal website. Most (all?) of information you’ll see here relates to me or what I do. As time permits, contents are update and/or included. A list of updates follows (in reverse chronological order).

Updates are very occasional, usually years apart.

Old News

2009-04-13: Recipes

This is meant to be cool: from time to time I’ve came across stuff that might be useful to someone else. As time permits, I’m organizing them under a new section, Recipes. Enjoy!

2007-12-05: Publications Added

In the Publications section you can check some of my publications. Most of them can be downloaded!

2007-11-26: Undergraduate Thesis Added

In the hope that it may be useful to someone else, and to support the spirit of free and open software, I’ve uploaded my undergratuate thesis and slides, along with the progress report and slides. Check them out in the Academic section.