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I try to dedicate a random amount of time/effort to several open source projects.

Ecere SDK

I’m interested in different specific parts of Ecere, which is now open source:

  • Bootstrap.

  • Backend tools (pre-processor, eC compiler, …).

  • API documentation.

  • Ecere Communicator (IM client).


While not assisting newer users, I:

  • Develop an EtherLike-MIB module for the BSNMP daemon, a light-weight SNMP implementation which is included in the base distribution. You can check its official wiki for more information.

  • Submit random patches through the problem report (PR) interface, official lists, or directly to the maintainers. Some are good, some don’t.


Although I am listed as an official contributor/developer, I have not been doing anything lately. Shame on me.

There are some topics I plan to work on:

  • Firewalling.

  • Automatic handling of events (mostly ACPI).

  • Documentation of GoboLinux-specific features.


Ramon is a free and open implementation of the RMON2 MIB. It is hosted at Savannah. Due lack of time, its development is somewhat stuck, with lots and huge architectural redesigns planned.